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2m2 is an exciting group fitness gym that delivers to its members a unique and effective concept in group fitness training and personal self defence.


Searching for a gym near me? Then look no further. 2m2 Fitness and Self Defence Gym Adelaide runs fun and energetic group fitness classes focusing on cardio, HIIT, strength and conditioning, outdoor group fitness classes, fitness Bootcamps, Boxing classes and Wing Chun training.

Drawing on their varied fitness experience, our unique group training concepts have been designed and developed by the two company directors Matt and Alex.  2m2 offers a range of fun and unique, fat burning, muscle toning, music pumping group fitness classes, that will suit people of all age groups and fitness levels, Click here to see the amazing classes on offer and book into your first FREE trial class!


2m2 has very affordable training fees, a variety of great classes to suit everyone, fantastic amenities for members, experienced trainers and 2m2’s unique training concepts.  Click here to see how easy it is to join the 2m2 community!

Wing Chun Adelaide - Boxing Gym Adelaide.

Want to improve your personal safety, confidence, fitness and flexibility and learn how to defend yourself? Why not come to our Wing Chun classes or Boxing Lessons? – Unprovoked assaults reported weekly in the news, illustrate the importance of knowing how to defend yourself if the need ever arises.  Would you be able to effectively defend yourself if suddenly victimised?

Speak with us about our unlimited, no lock-in,  group class memberships for as little as $31 per week!... that’s right, unlimited group classes for less than 1 x 30min PT Session!

A premium ‘2m2 Defence’ membership will enable you to learn the very effective defence skills of Wing Chun and will also give you unlimited access to the range of group fitness classes that 2m2 have on offer.


Click here to see our current Training Schedule.

Click here to see how simple it is to join in.


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