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Searching for Personal Training near me?  2m2's Personal Training can assist you in achieving your personal fitness and lifestyle goals!

During our first meeting we will learn more about your past and identify what unfavorable, counter productive habits may need to be changed and what new choices need to be encouraged. Once we’ve identified these changes we will discuss what the better version of you looks like! You MUST have a clear goal in mind. You can’t reach a goal if you don’t know exactly what that goal is!

​At 2m2 gym Adelaide we believe in not just a physical change, but in a LIFESTYLE change! You are not just paying for exercise, but also investing in your health and future quality of life. We don’t believe in daily, brutal workout regimes that cant be maintained, but favor sensible eating plans and sustainable exercise that can easily be adopted into your improved lifestyle.

​Combining our varying weight loss and strength building workout programs you will see your body fat go down and your muscle mass go up.  This personal improvement will keep you moving forward and will create motivation and momentum to constantly see results regularly. We use various strength and fitness tests along your journey to gauge your results and also work with allied professionals for more comprehensive body scans.

2m2 only used qualified personal trainers who will give you the guidance on how to use equipment and perform our exercises properly and safely. For the best Personal Trainers Adelaide, contact us today to commence your journey towards becoming the Fitter, Stronger, Safer, Better You!


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We also have a Personal Training Packages available for our Wing Chun Training or Boxing Lessons.

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