Alex McKay


• Certificate III & IV in Fitness and Personal Training.
• Level 1 National Boxing Coach.
• Close Quarter Combat Trained.
• Advanced/Trauma First Aid (paramedic) Trained.
• Certificate 3 in business.
• Bachelor of Technology (Aquaculture)


After many years of heavy involvement in sport & fitness, including 20 years of Aussie Rules Football, I have been exposed to a huge variety of strength and conditioning programs, and tried them all.

Progressing through body building workouts, Crossfit training, Krav Maga martial arts and years of amateur boxing, I now base my training on functional body strike training.  A combination of
boxing and interval weight training.  Punching the days stress away, with the correct technique. Learning how to defend yourself, whilst getting lean and toned all with a big smile on your face.

This style of training works perfectly with the functionality of our station design.  Maximizing workout comfort and space.  Allowing you to concentrate on technique, effort, great tunes and melting the fat away.

I genuinely want to improve peoples quality of life, including making them safer and more street smart.  The growth I see in so many people, that stick it out, do the hard yards, learn the movements and tidy up their diet is amazing.  It keeps me driven to offer the best service in strength and conditioning there is in South Australia.  I’m excited at what the future could bring.

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