Matt Osborne


• Certificate III in Fitness
• Certificate IV in Personal Training
• Instructor level in Wing Chun Kung Fu - Grand Master Leong Wing Chun, Kung Fu Academy.
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• Diploma in Public Safety.
• First Aid Trained.


Relatively new to the personal training and commercial fitness industry, I have combined my professional fitness qualifications with over 20 years of martial arts, self defence and defensive tactics qualifications to offer unique, well rounded, training in fitness and self defence.

Starting in my teenage years, I have always possessed a keen interest in martial arts and self defence.  In the beginning I tried a variety of different disciplines but in my 20’s I discovered
Wing Chun (a variety of Kung Fu) and have been training in this style ever since.  Besides learning effective self defence techniques,  this Martial Art offers the students much more than just learning how to defend yourself. 
Wing Chun provides a great cardio workout, muscle building and strength training through isometric and body weight training, improved whole body flexibility which combats muscle and joint problems through natural ageing.
Wing Chun is a science, so analysing the techniques as you learn provides a great mental workout also! In my opinion, all of these health benefits outweigh “just learning how to defend yourself”.

I have always enjoyed the energy, encouragement, team building and fun that group training offers. This is what you will you experience with 2m2.  I’m excited about offering our unique style of training to our members and I look forward to unleashing some of the great training concepts that we are continually developing.

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