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If randomly victimised or attacked, would you be able to effectively defend yourself?

Knowing how to effectively defend yourself is like keeping a umbrella in the boot of your car for a rainy day, you might rarely use it, but when you need it, you’ll be glad you’ve got it!

Looking for Wing Chun near me. Great for anyone to learn, Adelaide Wing Chun training at Thebarton is an effective martial art and Self Defence Adelaide that specialises in close-range combat. Training in Wing Chun Adelaide techniques builds both a high degree of physical fitness as well as mental focus. Regular practice develops extraordinary sensitivity, balance, power and coordination. Emphasis on structure and relaxed, intrinsic strength is part of what allows a normal-sized person to effectively defend against a bigger, stronger attacker.

Is Adelaide Wing Chun effective. Wing Chun Adelaide defends and attacks simultaneously training you to defend and strike from any position. Wing Chun Adelaide uses the structure of the entire body to create power in a small space allowing you to turn it on like a machine gun and not stop delivering damage until the confrontation has been swiftly ended.

Because structural positioning will overcome sheer strength, much of the student’s practice time is spent training the body to move efficiently and with great precision. Adelaide Wing Chun uses a unique training exercise called Chi Sau (sticky hands) to develop sensitivity and economy of movement. The principle is simple, use the minimum amount of effort to create the maximum damage.  Training drills on the Wing Chun Adelaide Wooden Dummy also sharpens the students structural positioning together with their defence and attacking techniques.

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